China: a market with massive potential but unusual challenges



  • Executive summary
  • Market size
  • Vaper population
  • Form factors
  • Distribution
  • Companies operating in China
  • Comments on online pricing
  • Tobacco as a factor in the market
  • Earnings in China as a factor in the market
  • Associations and useful organisations
  • Appendix

Product Description

In this November 2016 report, ECigIntelligence takes an in-depth look at the market in China. The world’s most highly populated country is for now a largely untapped potential market for e-cigarettes, despite most of the world’s vaping hardware being manufactured there. The prevalence of smoking among men, the cheapness of traditional cigarettes supplied by a state monopoly industry, and the lack of desire in most smokers to give up all contribute to resistance to switching to electronic devices.

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