Analysis of the ECigIntelligence US legislators’ database

This report will examine the US legislators’ database, which contains information of the state legislators’ past legislative moves over the last four years. The tracker does not currently contain the changes following the recent midterm elections in November.

This report analyses patterns that can be found within the legislative-making of state legislators, and so does not focus on the actual bills or bill numbers.

The format will be to separate each point of analysis into different factors and draw conclusions, which will be listed at the beginning of the report. Throughout the report there are several tables with a lot of targeted data that can help identify both the most active and/or the most effective legislators (APR = average % of passing rate), divided into several factors.

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Table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Main takeaways
  3. Most active state lawmakers
  4. Most effective state lawmakers
  5. General breakdown: policy area, geographical split and political party split

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