Article 20 of the EU TPD: what e-cig companies must do

The European Union’s looming Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) includes an obligation for companies to notify authorities with detailed information on e-cig products – for example emissions, toxicology, and product components. ECigIntelligence outlined some of this in a recent report but here we explain further what you really need to know about the TPD’s Article 20.

To facilitate data comparison and compliance the European Commission has developed a notification format using a common entry gate (i.e. an IT system) which must be adopted by all 28 member states.

To this end the European Commission adopted its “Commission Implementing Decision (EU) 2015/2186 of 25 November 2015“, laying down rules for the common notification format for electronic cigarettes and refills.

The common notification format will have to be used by e-cig companies for the following submissions:

  • First notification.
  • Resubmit data (e.g. errors or product substantial modifications), indicating which previous data set should be replaced or deleted.


As a result, any subsequent communication between member states and e-cigarette companies will have to be made outside the system and will have to be done at a national level.



– Pablo Cano Trilla ECigIntelligence staff

Graphic: Carl Gamble

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