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Author: Barnaby Page

Thai e-cig ban considered as illegal market grows

Written by Barnaby Page || 9th June 2014 || News analysis |

Thailand is seeking to formally regulate e-cigarettes, with some calling for a complete prohibition, amid concerns that existing tobacco legislation is inadequate for the purpose and that an illegal market is...

European elections threaten political quagmire for TPD

Written by Barnaby Page || 30th May 2014 || News analysis |

The process of drawing up detailed rules on e-cigarettes to implement the new European Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) could become mired in political disagreements, following a European Parliament election which has fragmented power in...

To stock or not to stock? Pharmacists uncertain on e-cigs

Written by Barnaby Page || 16th May 2014 || News analysis |

British pharmacies have yet to fully exploit the retail opportunities presented by e-cigarettes, according to a prominent market researcher, although pharmacy professionals themselves disagree vehemently over how to approach e-cigs that aren’t medically...

Laying down the law: regulation to dominate industry confabs

Written by Barnaby Page || 14th May 2014 || News analysis |

E-cigarettes are on the agenda for a host of trade and professional conferences over the coming weeks, reflecting the urgent need for understanding of new regulatory measures as well as the sector’s development and improving scientific knowledge about...

U.S. media on deeming regs: FDA tries hard, could do better

Written by Barnaby Page || 1st May 2014 || News analysis |

The proposed new e-cigarette regulations from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) received a lukewarm welcome from the country’s mainstream media, with most editorialists backing the agency’s restrictions but suggesting it will have to go...

New FDA rules and Europe’s directive: how do they compare?

Written by Barnaby Page || 25th April 2014 || News analysis |

The new regulations for e-cigarettes proposed yesterday by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are the second major regulatory framework for the products to appear in two months, following the European Union’s release of its revised Tobacco...