Author: Barnaby Page

With Trump in the White House, is Cole-Bishop necessary?

Written by Barnaby Page || 18th November 2016 || News analysis |

While many in the U.S. e-cigarette world hope that the Cole-Bishop proposal to change the FDA’s grandfathering date could be the industry’s salvation, at least one commentator believes it should be abandoned in the light of Donald Trump’s...

Smoking, vaping, free will, demonic possession and tax

Written by Barnaby Page || 2nd September 2016 || News analysis |

Nearly all smokers would be better off moving to lower-risk alternatives than giving up nicotine completely; taxing e-cigs has no rational justification; society should be prepared for more non-smokers to take up vaping; and tobacco control is often...

Video presentation: disharmony and the EU TPD

Written by Barnaby Page || 30th June 2016 || News analysis |

At June’s Global Forum on Nicotine in Warsaw, ECigIntelligence editorial director Barnaby Page took a look at some of the inconsistencies that are emerging in European regulation of e-cigarettes despite the standardisation imposed by the EU Tobacco Products Directive...