Author: Barnaby Page

UK pharma regulator approves cigarette-like vapour device

Written by Barnaby Page || 12th September 2014 || News analysis |

Britain’s medicines regulator has issued a product licence for the nicotine inhaler Voke, which will be sold by British American Tobacco’s subsidiary Nicoventures and looks likely to be the closest pharmaceutically-approved competitor to the...

Drop in smokers seeking help: does it mean more use of e-cigs?

Written by Barnaby Page || 21st August 2014 || News analysis |

Anti-smoking campaigners in the UK believe the use of e-cigarettes as unofficial cessation aids has contributed to a sharp drop in the number of people joining quit-smoking programmes, although nearly all successful participants in those schemes are still...

Swedish pharma regulator granted control over e-cigs

Written by Barnaby Page || 23rd July 2014 || News analysis |

A Swedish court has upheld attempts by the country’s medical products regulator to treat nicotine-containing e-cigarettes as pharmaceuticals, meaning that they must go through a licensing process and cannot be sold in outlets such as groceries and convenience...