Author: Jon Bruford

Market update: Germany

Written by Jon Bruford || 6th November 2015 || Country market reports , Market reports |

Contents1 Executive summary2 Market size, growth, and conclusions on the future 3 Form factors4 Number of e-cigarette users5 Online pricing6 Distribution7 Brands8 E-liquids9 Full market sizing methodology:   There may be more recent ECigIntelligence reports on this territory. Please...

Regulatory report: UK gears up for fragmented TPD transposition

Written by Jon Bruford || 3rd November 2015 || Country regulatory reports , Regulatory reports |

Contents1 Introduction2 Regulatory landscape3 Devolved administrations4 National regulatory framework5 Near-future situation in devolved administrations6 Product categorisation7 Information requirements8 Additional obligations in UK devolved countries9 Retail channels (cross-border sales)10 Age restrictions11 Devolved administrations12 Product and packaging restrictions13 Labelling and...