Author: Lorraine Mullaney

Poland regulatory report: e-cigs regulated as tobacco

Written by Lorraine Mullaney || 30th September 2016 || Regulatory reports |

Recent legislation transposes the EU’s Tobacco Products Directive into Polish law and regulates e-cigarettes in the same way as tobacco. This means advertising and vaping are banned in public places are banned, in line with the restrictions on...
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The TPD’s impact on product design explained

Written by Lorraine Mullaney || 1st September 2016 || Regulatory reports |

The Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) has important implications for the products that are allowed on the e-cig market, because it prescribes their characteristics, such as the permitted concentration of nicotine or the size of...

Russia: regulations expected by 2017

Written by Lorraine Mullaney || 5th August 2016 || Regulatory reports |

  There may be more recent ECigIntelligence reports on this territory. Please visit the home page for Russia or the advanced search page.         Executive summary   • E-cigarette products are mainly unregulated in Russia, aside from general consumer...

Vape store photo gallery: UK

Written by Lorraine Mullaney || 22nd July 2016 || Market reports |

Our world store of vape stores ends back in the UK. See how e-cig retailers do point of sale, advertising and promotions in store – and on double-decker...

Vape store photo gallery: Russia

Written by Lorraine Mullaney || 22nd July 2016 || Market reports |

Our global tour of vape stores continues as we take a virtual trip to Russia to view various displays, point of sale and retailers in this massive e-cig...

Ontario, Quebec dominate Canadian vape store development

Written by Lorraine Mullaney || 19th May 2016 || Market reports |

This article summarises the results of ECigIntelligence’s analysis of 664 vape stores across Canada’s 13 provinces and three territories. Information was gathered from two online sources and combined and merged into a single directory....