Author: Lydia Thompson

Belgium market forecast

Written by Lydia Thompson || 17th January 2020 || Infographics |

ECigIntelligence predict the market size forecast for the e-cigarette market in Belgium, which has been greatly affected by the US vaping crisis. These figures feature in the December 2019 Belgium snapshot along with other key indicators such as...

Online e-cig pricing: Malaysia Q4 2019

Written by Lydia Thompson || 15th January 2020 || Pricing snapshots |

ECigIntelligence's online pricing guide for Malaysia's e-cigarette market provides essential data on the country's e-cig retail Websites. This downloadable Excel file contains key price information for different product...

Norway daily smoking prevalence

Written by Lydia Thompson || 10th January 2020 || Infographics |

There is clearly an increasing trend in snus use in Norway, a non-member of the EU, in contrast to smoking rates which are on a decline. Find more information on Norway’s e-cigarette market, pricing, products and channels with...