Author: Sergi Riudalbas

Regulatory report: Paraguay, March 2022

Written by Sergi Riudalbas || 11th March 2022 || Regulatory reports |

E-cigarettes were regulated the same way as all tobacco products in 2015. Specific rules for e-cigarettes were introduced in 2019. Vaping is prohibited in public places. Excise duty is 20% ...

Regulatory report: Indonesia, January 2022

Written by Sergi Riudalbas || 25th January 2022 || Regulatory reports |

The e-cigarette landscape in Indonesia is likely to experience some significant changes as the National Standardisation Agency of Indonesia (BSN) is going to announce new national standards for e-liquids soon ...

Regulatory report: Iceland, November 2021

Written by Sergi Riudalbas || 4th November 2021 || Regulatory reports |

The Icelandic government passed a law in 2018 to specifically regulate e-cigarettes for the first time. Though Iceland is not a member of the EU, the regulatory framework essentially mirrors the EU’s TPD ...