ECigIntelligence creates a customised report on RRPs for a think tank

Client profile

A tobacco harm reduction think tank asked ECigIntelligence to provide research on the development of non-pharmaceutical reduced-risk products.


  • The client wanted to know in which countries the development of non-pharmaceutical alternatives to tobacco was being impeded, including e-cigarettes, heated tobacco and snus.
  • The client needed a trusted and expert provider in the industry to carry out an analysis with the appropriate resources they did not have themselves.

ECigIntelligence’s solution

These are some of the analyses carried out during the research by ECigIntelligence:

  • Identify which countries around the world had banned any of the three products identified by the client.
  • Identify patterns.
  • Calculate the percentage of the population affected.
  • The team selected similar countries from a socio-economic point of view with different attitudes towards reduced-risk products.
  • Select 10 key cases where the team evaluated each country’s position on this issue. Those countries were identified as trend-setters.
  • Analyse the impact of product regulation on the market and how it correlated with smoking rates in a selected number of cases.

Outcome & value-added

The team presented the findings and results to the client, who could use them to:

  • Raise awareness of the issue.
  • Identify which areas of the world have taken a more negative stance towards alternative tobacco products.
  • Show how large chunks of the world’s population still live in areas that do not give them the opportunity to try reduced-risk products.

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