China takes on another great project – e-cig regulation by October 2019

China has for the first time published advanced notice of its forthcoming legal standards for e-cigarettes – in US or European terms, regulation – due for release by October 2019.

The official standards will lay down mandatory minimum requirements for e-cigarette devices and e-liquids under five main headings:

  1. E-liquids – maximum nicotine concentration, regulation of additives and assessment of pollutants;
  2. Devices and components – various specifications, including materials used;
  3. Emissions;
  4. Packaging and labelling;
  5. Storage and transportation conditions.

There may also be a minimum age limit for the purchase of e-cigarettes, and possibly the establishment of a system of taxation.

It is not clear whether the new rules will apply to exported products, or only to those placed on the market in China.


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