Regulatory briefing

The regulatory briefing section offers regulatory news and updates from the e-cigarette industry worldwide. Briefings cover topics such as: introduction and passing of relevant bills and bans; changes to regulations in individual countries or regions; and how current affairs and government policies are affecting the industry. It also provides ECigIntelligence’s expert summary of events and analysis.

E-cig science: do meta-analyses really matter?

Written by Marc Beishon || 5th April 2016 || Regulatory briefing |

In the past year or so, scientists have conducted several systematic reviews that aim to analyse research evidence in order to find whether e-cigs help people quit smoking. The issue addressed by studies like these (which can also...

Article 20 of the EU TPD: what e-cig companies must do

Written by Jon Bruford || 19th February 2016 || Regulatory briefing |

The European Union’s looming Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) includes an obligation for companies to notify authorities with detailed information on e-cig products – for example emissions, toxicology, and product components. ECigIntelligence outlined some of this in a recent...