Regulatory briefing

The regulatory briefing section offers regulatory news and updates from the e-cigarette industry worldwide. Briefings cover topics such as: introduction and passing of relevant bills and bans; changes to regulations in individual countries or regions; and how current affairs and government policies are affecting the industry. It also provides ECigIntelligence’s expert summary of events and analysis.

Taiwan cracks down on e-cig sellers

Written by Barnaby Page || 13th February 2014 || Regulatory briefing |

Authorities in Taiwan have reiterated that the sale, import and manufacture of unapproved e-cigarettes is illegal in the country, and urged citizens to report vapers so that dealers can be tracked down – even though personal possession and...

Discount code for E-Vapor Law Symposium

Written by ECigIntelligence || 1st January 1900 || Regulatory briefing |

To claim your discount with the E-Vapor Law Symposium on 2nd-3rd February in Washington, DC, please register for the event as normal. Then contact the organisers quoting the following code to obtain a $500 refund: INTELLIGENCE7 Please note...