Regulatory reports

Our regulatory reports provide legal and regulatory in-depth analysis of the vaping industry. Many reports focus on specific countries, providing a detailed overview of the regulatory landscape within the country. They also cover all current and possible future restrictions as well as the relevant laws and governing bodies. In addition, we have a number of other reports that analyse controversial and obscure areas, along with our expert interpretations of the relevant laws.

Malaysia regulatory report

Written by Marija Obradovic || 20th June 2019 || Regulatory reports |

The Malaysian Ministry of Health is working on a framework for the regulation of e-cigarettes, and expects to put a proposal before parliament at the end of 2019. In the meantime ...

Indonesia regulatory report

Written by Elsa Carrasco || 11th June 2019 || Regulatory reports |

The legal classification of e-cigarettes in Indonesia is not entirely clear, as in different situations they may fall under either tobacco law or consumer product regulation ...

Portugal regulatory report

Written by Marija Obradovic || 10th April 2019 || Regulatory reports |

Our updated report outlines the rules governing e-cigarettes in Portugal, where they have been regulated since 2016 according to the European TPD, and how the regulations are applied ...

Strict regulations may get tougher: Finland regulatory report

Written by Lenka Hajnovicova || 29th March 2019 || Regulatory reports |

Finland’s vaping regulations are among the strictest in the EU; nicotine-containing e-cigarettes are treated as tobacco-related products and all flavours except tobacco are banned. Online sales are prohibited; bricks-and-mortar stores are the only retail channel allowed; advertising and...