ECigIntelligence country subscriptions

Access to key market and regulatory information of a specific region


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    For who?

    Looking forward to optimising your strategy in a specific country?

    If so, this subscription plan is for you. It is suitable for:

    • Professionals who want to have a complete in-depth understanding of one specific territory on a regular basis.
    • Professionals in the vaping industry looking to invest or optimise their strategy in a particular country.
    • Professionals looking for a cost-effective solution to keep up with any industry developments and adapt their strategy as the country’s market develops.


    This plan is not suitable for:

    • Professionals looking for one-off access to a piece of data. In this case, we have multiple individual reports available for purchase in our online store.
    • Professionals who are looking to deep-dive into multiple regions and understand the vaping sector as a whole. Check out our higher tier subscription plans with multiple regional access.

    What do they include?

    • 1 region to choose*
    • 1 user
    • Business briefings
    • Regulatory briefings
    • Market reports and snapshots
    • Regulatory reports
    • Pricing trackers
    • Charts and infographics
    • Newsletter
    • Regular CEO bulletin
    • Archive data


    Minimum term: 12 months

    *Some add-on contents can be included in the subscription depending on the region.


    This subscription will help you:

    • Keep up to date with the latest country developments.
    • Maintain your competitive edge and understand the factors that impact your business.
    • Understand market evolution and trends.
    • Identify key players and market dynamics.
    • Compare prices of key product categories and benchmark your product portfolio against prices on the market.
    • Understand how the regulatory landscape operates and what regulatory requirements are in place in the region.

    Data outputs

    • Market and regulatory briefings

    Regular key analysis of professionally relevant news affecting the market and regulatory landscape, including ECigIntelligence’s expert take on events and analysis.

    • Market and regulatory reports

    Local detailed reports on particular areas of the sector published more frequently dependent on the development in each country. This may include: vape store and consumer surveys, country snapshots, distribution channel analysis, offline and online channel analysis, product category and notification analysis, detailed overview of the regulatory framework within the country, etc.

    • Pricing trackers

    Provides data on the country’s e-cig retail websites. This downloadable Excel file contains key price information for different product categories including disposables, open system kits, clearomisers and tanks, e-liquid, and much more.

    • Charts & Infographics

    Key data charts pulling out relevant topical information in easy to use formats. “Picture is worth a thousand words” concept.

    • Monthly CEO Bulletin

    Major developments of the month with links to more detailed data and analysis.