ECigIntelligence Platinum: the complete industry resource

ECigIntelligence next month launches the most comprehensive package of regulatory and business information available for the e-cigarette market anywhere in the world.

Our new Platinum subscription level, available from August, includes:

  • A comprehensive, downloadable database containing exclusive data on the e-cig industry from seven global regions and over 20 distinct markets, updated on a monthly basis. Data (in Microsoft Excel format) includes market size estimates based on ECigIntelligence’s proprietary modelling and methodology, smoking rates, vaping  rates, consumer preferences, online pricing, bricks-and-mortar retail pricing, distribution structures, key brands in each market, stakeholder names and contact details. You can download a demonstration version (with fictional data) here:
  • Interactive regulatory tracking dashboards for the U.S., the EU and other major global markets providing map-based detailed information on five key policy areas: tax, public place usage, product restrictions, marketing, and age restrictions, updated monthly. Each map dashboard shows the current regulatory status for each territory in each policy area, plus forecasts for 2016 and beyond. You can see examples now for the US, EU and world.
  • The full range of content currently available to Gold subscribers, including access to our complete set of current and archived news, territory reports, special subject reports, infographics and other material.


What you need to do

Existing Gold subscribers will be able to purchase Platinum as a competitively-priced add-on.

New customers only need to purchase Platinum in order to obtain all the benefits of Gold as well.

Please contact us directly to learn more about how Platinum can help your business and the pricing options available.


Intelligence makes the difference

ECigIntelligence’s data and analysis is collated through primary research conducted by our consultants with industry experts, opinion leaders and regional intelligence specialists.

This research is backed up by findings from industry events, interviews, partnerships with leading research agencies, quantitative and qualitative research, and client collaborations.

The data is used to validate our proprietary market data models, and to cross-reference data among markets in this rapidly-changing sector.

Photo: Chip Clark, Smithsonian Institution

Benefits of subscription plans:

  • Stay informed of any legal and market change in the sector that impacts your organization
  • Maximise resources by getting market and legal data analysis daily in one place
  • Make smart decisions by understanding how the regulatory and market landscape evolves
  • Anticipate risks in your decisions by monitoring regulatory changes that impact your organization