Enthusiast users are mostly satisfied with their e-cigs, survey finds

premium-e-liquid-lauri-rantala-900x540The most advanced vapers in both Europe and the U.S. tend to prefer lower nicotine strength in their e-liquid, according to a recent ECigIntelligence survey of hobbyist-type consumers.

The survey, designed to detect trends in product preferences and usage habits, was carried out among 770 people between August and September 2016.

A large majority – 81% – of respondents were advanced VW/VV (variable wattage/variable voltage) mod users, followed by 11% using mechanical mods.


Gender gap


Most of the male respondents valued the opportunity to customise hardware such as clearomisers or cartomisers, and the large variety of flavours available. But women gave more importance to ease of use and the cost of the device.

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    In general, respondents were satisfied with their current hardware devices, although the ECigIntelligence survey found that those consumers with eGo-style products had lower satisfaction levels than the more advanced users.

    The research also examined the distribution channels where users prefer to buy vaping products. Many advanced users favour physical stores, it found, possibly because this enables them to try products before they buy. But online is still an important channel for this group, and preferred by 38% of eGo users.

    Almost all users interviewed (86%) were ex-smokers, 7% of them were current smokers and 7% had never smoked conventional cigarettes.


    What This Means: While it is clear from the survey that satisfaction is high among advanced users, this research also highlights the varying preferences and behaviours of vapers in different countries – one factor influencing the fragmented and complicated nature of the e-liquid market.

    – David Palacios ECigIntelligence staff

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