Final text of UK’s TPD transposition: online sales survive

House of Lords UK - Herry Lawford 900x540The British government has transposed the EU’s Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) with minimal additional restrictions, as predicted by ECigIntelligence.

Under The Tobacco and Related Products Regulations 2016, published today, distance sales will be permitted and registration will only be demanded for retailers who engage in cross-border distance retail.

Advertising in print media will be broadly prohibited, as will online advertising, TV product placement, and sponsorship of cross-border events. TV and radio advertising are banned separately by broadcasting codes.

However, outdoor advertising, cinema advertising, point-of-sale marketing, and sponsorship of local events appear to remain permissible.

There are no new restrictions on vaping in public places.

The rules will come into effect on 20th May and do not require parliamentary approval. In theory they could still be rejected by law-makers, although no such rejection of a statutory instrument has taken place in the British parliament since the year 2000.

The regulations apply to the whole of the UK, but the constituent countries of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are also entitled to introduce their own rules.

For example, even though the central government is implementing the minimum TPD restrictions for advertising, Scotland plans stricter regulation.

The Public Health (Wales) bill, which would have heavily restricted the public place use of e-cigarettes, was rejected in its final stages.

ECigIntelligence staff

Photo: Herry Lawford

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