Latin America: a complex but potentially lucrative market waiting to be tapped

What will you get?

  • 1 Market size and potential
  • 2 Regulatory situation
  • 3 Fragmented informal markets
  • 4 Views on tobacco and smoking
  • 5 Market trends and future prospects

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"ECigIntelligence has been helpful in crafting our strategy across regulatory compliance and product development. It has allowed us access to valuable market insights and regular digest to track the changes in the e-cig market."

Mike Zhang

CEO, The Drip Club

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Jameson Rogers

VP of Business Development,
Mad Hatter Juice

"ECigIntelligence provides us a “one-stop shop” consolidated analysis of market and regulatory issues in this fast moving sector. It’s a great way for us to confirm data we are getting from other sources, in a very digestible and user-friendly format."

Henrik Brostrom

Senior International Engagement
Manager, Nicoventures

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