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California: vaping treated as if it was tobacco

24th March 2017 | Regulatory reports |

In this March 2017 look at regulations in California, we find that nicotine-containing products are subject to a wholesale tax of 27.3%. This tax rate will be revised periodically. Vaping in the state is treated as tobacco in regards to public usage.

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In depth: e-cigs in the U.S. – market and regulatory analysis

24th September 2014 | Regulatory reports |

A comprehensive survey of the U.S. e-cigarette market and regulation, including: Market size • Consumption patterns • Online pricing • Distribution • Raw material supply • E-cigarette usage surveys • Current U.S. e-cigarette regulation • The future of e-cigarette regulation in the United States • Potential challenges to the deeming regulations • Taxation of e-cigs • State and local government regulation case study – California • Public place restrictions by state and local governments • Challenging the deeming regulations – precedents • The FDA regulatory process • The role and influence of trade and consumer associations

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In depth: the complexity of U.S. e-cigarette regulation

3rd July 2014 | Regulatory reports |

The multi-layered, multi-jurisdictional regulatory landscape • The structure of federal and state e-cig regulation • Trends in state government regulation • Trends in local government regulation • Case study: regulation of e-cigarettes in California • Deep dive: restriction of e-cig use in “public places” by state and local governments