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All of our full-length Canadian vaping market reports are presented on this page. In this section you will be able to gain exclusive data insights on e-cigarette products and flavours, brands and pricing analysis. In addition, this section offers all our Canadian consumer and vape store surveys, country summaries in our market snapshots and reports on specific topics such as retail, distribution, notified TPD products, etc.

Regulations fuel growth: Canada market report

15th March 2019 | Market reports |

In our latest look at the Canadian market, we find that most sales come through the offline channel. More mainstream retail outlets have started to carry e-cigarette products and e-liquids were cheaper in physical shops compared to online

Ontario report: Open systems dominate but new legislation looms

19th December 2017 | Market reports |

In our latest look at Canada, we find that open system products dominate, taking up approximately 85% of the Ontario market, with a high prevalence of basic models. Most sales come through the offline channel, and we believe there are around 400 vape stores in Ontario, predominantly independents. Online analysis found 12 out 20 top national websites operate from Ontario. Furthermore, Ontario is the home province for multiple Canadian e-liquid brands. A new bill – The Smoke-Free Ontario Act –  will provide a very restrictive legal framework. We believe this bill will have a negative impact on the growth and development of e-cig market.

New bill signals fresh approach to Canada’s e-cig market

16th August 2017 | Market reports |

        Executive summary   Canada has an active e-cigarette market despite widespread confusion over the legal status of the products. There are still no federal laws related to e-cigarettes; however, Bill S-5, if approved, will become the first federal law on vapour products, unifying the current diverse regulatory framework, establishing a new […]

Sharp increase in Canadian vaper numbers and sales

27th June 2016 | Market reports |

In this report we look at Canada, a market-oriented, high-tech industrial society in the trillion-dollar class with high living standards. There are no federal laws related to e-cigarettes – despite calls to clarify a confused situation – so they are being regulated on provincial and municipal levels.

In depth: Canada regulatory and legal analysis, October 2014

4th November 2014 | Market reports |

The multi-layered regulatory framework • Tobacco regulation – the multi-layered model in action • No federal regulation of e-cigarettes • The role of Health Canada • Provincial regulation • Municipal regulation • Trade associations and industry standards • Appendix 1: provincial and territorial tobacco regulation in Canada • Appendix 2: market authorisation in Canada