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Canada’s e-cig regulation a three-tiered tangle

29th March 2016 | Country regulatory reports , Regulatory reports |

    There are more recent ECigIntelligence reports on this territory. Please visit the home page for Canada.       Executive summary   The federal government’s regulatory stance on e-cigs is unclear, which is causing confusion in the industry and among regulatory bodies. The federal Health Canada agency has issued an advisory regulating the sale and marketing of e-cigarettes, » Continue Reading.

E-cigarette regulation in Canada, July 2015

24th July 2015 | Country regulatory reports , Regulatory reports |

Executive summary • Introduction • The multi-layered regulatory framework • Tobacco regulation – the multi-layered model in action • No federal regulation of e-cigs • The role of Health Canada • Provincial regulation • Municipal regulation • Trade associations and industry standards • Appendix 1: provincial and territorial tobacco regulation in Canada • Appendix 2: market authorisation in Canada