Regulatory reports / Estonia

Regulatory report: Estonia

5th October 2020 | Regulatory reports |

This report provides all current up-to-date regulations regarding vaping in Estonia, including a very recent update to the law around menthol-flavoured e-liquids

Estonia: online ban, taxes on the way

18th April 2017 | Regulatory reports |

While The Tobacco Act classes e-cigarettes as tobacco-related products, Estonia’s government is considering a draft amendment to that bill that could see domestic online sales may be banned in 2019. Currently, e-liquid is not taxed, but that is likely to change in 2018, when e-liquids could be taxed at the rate of €0.2 per millilitre.

Regulatory report: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania

3rd August 2016 | Regulatory reports |

  There may be more recent ECigIntelligence reports on these territories. Please visit the full list of regulatory reports, or the advanced search page.       Executive summary   Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are often collectively known as the Baltic states; these adjacent countries are located in north-eastern Europe at the easternmost edge of the European Union […]