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Fat policeman, Budapest

Hungary: strict new regime comes down hard

22nd March 2017 | Market reports |

ECigIntelligence looks at state of the e-cigarette market in Hungary following transposition of the European TPd and the imposition of the strictest regulatory regime in Europe, with online sales banned and bricks-and-mortar sales restricted to nationally registered tobacconists.

Major changes to Europe’s e-cig sales channels imminent

13th May 2016 | Market reports |

From May 2016, e-cig sales channels will be reduced in some European countries when the Tobacco Products Directive comes into force. This report looks at the details, including restrictions on distance sales, the imposition of age verification checks, licensing and registration of retailers, and limitations on retail outlets.

Hungary regulatory report: an end to mandatory pharma licensing

13th November 2015 | Market reports , Regulatory reports |

Hungary’s transposition of the EU Tobacco Products Directive will do away with the current mandatory pharmaceutical licensing requirement for e-cigarettes – which has resulted in no nicotine-containing products being legal in the country – and allow them to be sold as consumer products. As this great change approaches, our in-depth report on Hungary includes: Regulatory landscape • Current national regulatory framework • Age restrictions • Packaging and product restrictions • Notification requirements • Retailing restrictions (including cross-border and distance sales) • Public usage • Advertising and marketing restrictions • Taxation • Case law • Enforcement • The missing pieces of the TPD jigsaw • Graphic: how Hungarian e-cigarette regulation will change