Could the land that makes e-cigarettes for the world ban them at home?

22nd June 2020 | Blog |

Could China, where most of the world’s e-cigarettes are made, actually be considering banning them? It could have major global repercussions for the whole vaping industry – and so, potentially, for levels of smoking – if it did. A gradual move towards a total e-cig ban was among the proposals put forward at the so-called […]

What have LGBTQ youngsters in particular got against vaping?

17th January 2020 | Blog |

How harmful is vaping to the user’s health? While the global scientific jury is still very much out on that one – and, face it, e-cigarettes haven’t been around long enough for anyone to know for certain what their long-term affects may be – your own view on the matter is likely to be shaped […]