Philippines e-cig distribution channels

27th March 2020 | Charts and infographics |

The Philippines distribution channels are clearly dominated by one type of retailer. Here you can find ECigIntelligence’s analysis of this uneven split, which is further expanded in our in-depth market report for the Philippines Q1 2020.

DIY e-liquid users in Russia

17th March 2020 | Charts and infographics |

What motivates consumers to use DIY e-liquids? ECigIntelligence did a survey with DIY e-liquid users in Russia which has highlighted the most important and least important factors motivating their e-liquid choice as presented in this graphic. The full analytical market report further reveals the most used e-liquid formats, top brands, consumer spending, habits, product preferences and purchase channels.

Secondary device usage in Russia

6th February 2020 | Charts and infographics |

Delve into the ECigIntelligence analysis of secondary device usage in Russia including the most popular form factor and form factor combinations. The in-depth market report provides further insights on hardware usage patterns in Russia, shifts between form factors, consumer satisfaction, most purchased brands, purchase channels and much more.

Mexico market forecast, 2018-2022

7th January 2020 | Charts and infographics |

Mexico by far has the largest vaping market in Latin America, as shown here in our comparitive report. This is partly due to its large population, though brand diversity remains narrow. For more insights into Mexico’s e-cigarette market, see our market snapshot here.

Colombia market forecast, 2018-2022

31st December 2019 | Charts and infographics |

Colombia’s e-cigarette market is relatively mature and well-established when compared to other coutries in the same region. Despite impending regulatory changes, ECigIntelligence predicts steady growth for this market for the next three years. Interested in key indicators and intel for Colombia’s e-cig market? Check out the market snapshot here.

Latin America market sizes

13th December 2019 | Charts and infographics |

Although e-cigarette commercialization is illegal in Mexico, it has the largest vaping market in South America.

For more insights on the e-cigarette markets in 7 South American countries, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru and Costa Rica, see our in-delpth market report here.

IQOS growth slows as market matures

2nd December 2019 | Charts and infographics |

After the 2014 launch of IQOS in Japan, its market share grew rapidly but now sees a slower growth rate due to a mature heated tobacco market and more competition. To see the in-depth analysis of iQOS, see our market report here. Original publication: 14th November 2019

Refillable starter kits gaining ground in Russia

25th November 2019 | Charts and infographics |

Since Q4 2017, refillable starter kits have become increasingly popular on the top five online retailers. Conversely advanced starter kits have seen a decline in popularity. Click here to view the full ECigIntelligence report on Russia‘s pod ranges and nicotine salt e-liquids. Original publication: 16th September 2019

Experienced Canadian vapers prefer advanced devices

18th November 2019 | Charts and infographics |

As pre-filled e-cig users become more experienced with vaping, they tend to use more advanced devices and are less likely to use simpler ones. To view the results and analysis of the ECigIntelligence consumer survey of Canadian pre-filled e-cigarette users, the in-depth consumer survey for Canada. Original publication: 10th September 2019