Regulatory reports / Ireland

In this section you will obtain our extensive Irish regulatory coverage. Get in-depth analysis of the vaping compliance obligations in Ireland as well as the different relevant laws and regulatory guidance on different categories such as e-cigarette taxation, advertising and marketing, retail channel restrictions, packaging, etc.

Regulatory report: Ireland

16th September 2020 | Regulatory reports |

The new Irish government’s five-year plan includes the introduction of new rules addressing taxation, sales and advertising restrictions. This report covers all current and future regulation in the Republic

Ireland: how TPD regulations apply in the Emerald Isle

14th June 2017 | Regulatory reports |

The interpretation of the European TPD by the Irish Department of Health has resulted in a slightly more restrictive stance towards e-cigarettes in the Republic of Ireland than in the neighbouring UK, but there is no nationwide ban on public vaping and nicotine-free liquids are unaffected by the regulations.