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Regulatory report: Italy, April 2021

29th April 2021 | Regulatory reports |

This report offers a thorough analysis of the current regulatory regime in Italy for e-cigarettes, covering all aspects of law from age and product restriction to packaging and labelling, and advertising and tax

COVID-19 online markets tracker

14th August 2020 | Regulatory reports |

This interactive tracking tool presents online traffic changes in the vape retail sector across 32 countries, including analysis of total online traffic evolution per country, total regional online traffic by retailer type, and changes in domestic traffic.

New regulatory initiatives create uncertainty in Italian e-cigarette market

17th November 2017 | Regulatory reports |

Uncertainty surrounds the Italian e-cigarette market, following a number of recent regulatory decisions and initiatives. These include a court decision on the long-running issue of whether to tax nicotine-free e-liquids; proposals to ban online sales and limit offline sales; a range of potential new tax regimes; and new powers to shut down non-compliant online sellers.

Italy: light-touch TPD transposition with minimal restrictions

21st October 2016 | Regulatory reports |

Italy has adopted a light touch approach to implementing the European TPD regulations, with only minimum restrictions on the e-cigarette industry. There is only a limited ban on advertising, and no restriction on public use of e-cigs. Cross-border sales are prohibited, but domestic distance sales are allowed. Our report provides a full examination of all aspects of post-TPD e-cigarette regulation in Italy.

Italy in-depth: preparing for the TPD

31st December 2015 | Regulatory reports |

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  A draft legislative decree fully transposing the TPD is currently in the process of being enacted in the Italian Parliament. According to the draft, only the minimum restrictions required by the TPD will » Continue Reading.