Regulatory reports / Japan

Our complete analysis of the vaping regulation in Japan is presented in our regulatory reports page. This section provides in-depth intelligence on the Japanese regulatory landscape including data on e-cigarette taxation, product and retail channel restrictions and compliance requirements. Deep dive into other regulatory aspects such as labelling and packaging, age restrictions, public usage, etc.

Regulatory report: Japan

10th May 2021 | Regulatory reports |

This report provides an overview of the current laws and restrictions around e-cigs in Japan, focusing on areas such as advertising, labelling and packaging, age and product restrictions, taxation and enforcement

Light-touch regulation aids HnB over e-cigs in Japan

7th August 2017 | Regulatory reports |

In our latest look at Japan, we find the country is a favoured market for heated tobacco products because regulation is much lighter on tobacco than it is on nicotine-containing e-cigs. In a country where 20% of the population smoke, heated tobacco products are regulated in a similar way to tobacco in most policy areas.

E-cigarette regulation in Japan: the future is still pharma

26th January 2016 | Regulatory reports |

E-cigarette products containing nicotine cannot be sold in Japan without a pharmaceutical licence, and there appears to be little immediate likelihood of that changing. However, imports are tolerated and nicotine-free products can be sold. Our in-depth report on Japanese regulation examines the legal framework and specific legislation that constrains the e-cig market there.