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New Netherlands study reviews danger from exhaled vapour

2nd August 2016 | News analysis |

A recent study and review by the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment in the Netherlands has brought to the fore questions regarding e-cigarette vapour testing methods and the possible health risks of passive vaping. The rationale for banning e-cigs in enclosed public places falls into two main camps: ‘renormalisation’ of smoking and possible safety concerns of passive » Continue Reading.

For the vaper who has everything: a Bluetooth-enabled e-cig

21st February 2014 | News analysis |

What e-cigarettes can and can’t do, compared to tobacco cigarettes, is a subject of fierce and continuing debate. One difference, however, is clear: no tobacco product can double as a microphone for a mobile phone or a speaker for a personal music player, as the latest e-cig from Dutch manufacturer Supersmoker can.