Market reports / Northern Ireland

A picture of e-cig pricing in the UK

16th May 2018 | Market reports |

ECigIntelligence looks at the pricing and products range in e-liquids and hardware categories across the top five e-cigarette retailer websites in the UK and finds a shift towards advanced hardware products

The UK’s top five e-cig websites

8th January 2018 | Market reports |

ECigIntelligence looked at the price policy and product range for e-liquids and hardware on the UK’s top five visited websites selling e-cigarettes. Multipacks of 10 ml bottles and short-fill e-liquids are a new characteristic of the British e-liquid market and shake and vape is approximately 36% cheaper than ready-to-use e-liquid overall.

UK distribution: vape shops doing well, supermarkets still dominate

5th November 2016 | Market reports |

In the latest ECigIntelligence report into the UK market, we see that the growth in shop numbers over the past year has been highest in London (97%) and Scotland (105%). The top retailers offer a bigger range of e-cigarette than in other European countries and most of the top-selling e-cig brands sold in supermarkets or convenience stores are owned by tobacco giants.

Major changes to Europe’s e-cig sales channels imminent

13th May 2016 | Market reports |

From May 2016, e-cig sales channels will be reduced in some European countries when the Tobacco Products Directive comes into force. This report looks at the details, including restrictions on distance sales, the imposition of age verification checks, licensing and registration of retailers, and limitations on retail outlets.