Regulatory reports / Poland

Regulatory report: Poland, April 2021

14th April 2021 | Regulatory reports |

The Polish e-cigarette market is one of the most constrained by regulation in Europe. This report covers the current regime for vaping products, including the latest legal changes and the likely impact of a recent tax rise

Poland regulatory report: e-cigs regulated as tobacco

30th September 2016 | Regulatory reports |

Recent legislation transposes the EU’s Tobacco Products Directive into Polish law and regulates e-cigarettes in the same way as tobacco.

This means advertising and vaping are banned in public places are banned, in line with the restrictions on combustible tobacco products.

E-cigarette regulation in Poland: the road ahead

2nd September 2015 | Regulatory reports |

Executive summary • Introduction • Current national regulatory framework • Age restrictions • Product and packaging restrictions • Retail channels • Notification procedure • Public place usage • Advertising restrictions • Taxation • Case law • Enforcement • The missing pieces from the TPD jigsaw

In depth: little e-cig regulation in Poland, and not much likely

5th August 2014 | Regulatory reports |

E-cigs are not tobacco products • E-cigs are relatively unregulated • Standard consumer protection law applies • No product standards or requirements • Public use restrictions in significant cities • Limits on local government power • No tobacco taxes, or other special taxes – yet • Implementation of the TPD: scope • Implementation of the TPD: timeline and process • Implementation of the TPD: industry and NGO input • Implementation of the TPD: regulatory authority • Tobacco regulation in Poland