Infographics / Russia

Local disposables manufacturers start entering Russian market

6th July 2022 | Infographics |

This chart is from our report based on analysis of the current situation in Russia, as the political issues surrounding the conflict with Ukraine have had an indirect impact on the vaping industry. Disposables present an important category in the Russian vaping market, which saw a steep increase in popularity at the beginning of 2021. Even with the reduction of » Continue Reading.

Basic starter kit prices of new and old brands in Russia

21st May 2020 | Infographics |

ECigIntelligence compares the newest products on the Russian e-cig market and how their prices compare to the average and the previous year. The full Russia market report goes into detailed analysis of pricing, market size, form factors, purchase channels and top brands.

DIY e-liquid users in Russia

17th March 2020 | Infographics |

What motivates consumers to use DIY e-liquids? ECigIntelligence did a survey with DIY e-liquid users in Russia which has highlighted the most important and least important factors motivating their e-liquid choice as presented in this graphic. The full analytical market report further reveals the most used e-liquid formats, top brands, consumer spending, habits, product preferences and purchase channels.

Secondary device usage in Russia

6th February 2020 | Infographics |

Delve into the ECigIntelligence analysis of secondary device usage in Russia including the most popular form factor and form factor combinations. The in-depth market report provides further insights on hardware usage patterns in Russia, shifts between form factors, consumer satisfaction, most purchased brands, purchase channels and much more.

Refillable starter kits gaining ground in Russia

25th November 2019 | Infographics |

Since Q4 2017, refillable starter kits have become increasingly popular on the top five online retailers. Conversely advanced starter kits have seen a decline in popularity. Click here to view the full ECigIntelligence report on Russia‘s pod ranges and nicotine salt e-liquids. Original publication: 16th September 2019