Regulatory reports / Sweden

COVID-19 online markets tracker

14th August 2020 | Regulatory reports |

This interactive tracking tool presents online traffic changes in the vape retail sector across 32 countries, including analysis of total online traffic evolution per country, total regional online traffic by retailer type, and changes in domestic traffic.

Regulatory report: Sweden, March 2020

24th March 2020 | Regulatory reports |

This regulatory report provides in-depth analysis of the current vaping regulations in Sweden, including laws around advertising and marketing, labelling and packaging, notification, public usage, tax and more

Sweden’s new e-cig law transposes TPD

21st July 2017 | Regulatory reports |

E-cigarettes are regulated in Sweden by the Act on Electronic Cigarettes and Refill Containers (2017/425), which came into force on 1st July 2017. It transposed the EU’s Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) into Swedish legislation. Non-nicotine products are currently not regulated.

Sweden prepares for consumer regulation after court decision

6th June 2016 | Regulatory reports |

Draft legislation to transpose Article 20 of the Tobacco Products Directive into Swedish national legislation will be in force by October 2016. The Swedish government is taking quite a lenient approach by allowing distance sales and omitting public place vaping provisions from their planned legislation.