Regulatory reports / Switzerland

All of our full-length regulatory reports that cover Switzerland can be found on this page. These reports provide a detailed and comprehensive overview of the country’s regulations and restrictions in relation to e-cigs. In addition to a general outline of the regulatory landscape for the country, more specific regulations such as product restrictions or e-cigarette taxation are also covered.

Switzerland regulatory report

18th February 2019 | Regulatory reports |

Our updated report looks at the tobacco law that is likely to form the basis of future regulation of e-cigarettes and HnB products in a country that is in Europe but outside the EU

E-cigarette regulatory outlook for Switzerland, August 2015

13th August 2015 | Regulatory reports |

Introduction • Regulatory landscape • National regulatory framework • Regulatory change • Timeline for the revised Federal Tobacco Products Act • Age restrictions • Packaging restrictions: current • Packaging restrictions: future • Product restrictions • Public usage • Advertising and marketing restrictions • Taxation • Enforcement • Looking ahead