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IQOS more familiar in Canada than US

4th December 2019 | Charts and infographics |

The ECigIntelligence consumer survey has highlighted that there is a significantly higher percentage of Canadians that have tried iQOS compared to US respondents. This is probably because IQOS was not launched in the US at the time of data collection. See our full comparison of the heated tobacco consumer preferences in the US and Canada […]

PMTA raises concerns for business owners

27th November 2019 | Charts and infographics |

ECigIntelligence’s 2019 survey of US vape stores highlights the ways in which store owners in the US expect the premarket tobacco product application (PMTA) process, laid down by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), to impact their businesses. A full breakdown of the results, which were presented by ECigIntelligence managing director Tim Phillips to the […]

US/Canada consumption comparison

22nd November 2019 | Charts and infographics |

ECigIntelligence were able to elucidate the average pre-filled pod/tank consumption for different age groups in the US and Canada. The US 25-49’s are consuming more than the average where as in Canada 18-24’s consume more than the average, with respect to the independent average in each country. For the full comparison of the consumer habits […]

US over-50s prefer disposables and cigalikes

11th November 2019 | Charts and infographics |

ECigIntelligence’s survey of almost 2000 pre-filled-e-cigarette users in the US has revealed that disposables and rechargeable cigalikes are most popular with over-50s. The in-depth report provides full details of consumer preferences, reasons for usage and usage frequency, with a breakdown of various demographic parameters. Click here to see the full report. Orginal publication: 28th August […]