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E-cig science: do meta-analyses really matter?

5th April 2016 | News analysis |

In the past year or so, scientists have conducted several systematic reviews that aim to analyse research evidence in order to find whether e-cigs help people quit smoking. The issue addressed by studies like these (which can also be known as meta-analyses) is, of course, one of the primary public-health and policy questions about the devices. But how much value should we place on their findings?

Big Tobacco encouraged by research on heat-not-burn

7th December 2015 | News analysis |

Are big tobacco companies starting to favour heat-not-burn technology over e-cigarettes? While none has shown any signs of overtly stepping away from e-cigs, and such a move is unlikely, much enthusiasm and investment within the tobacco industry seems to be going toward heat-not-burn.

Opinion: public health, magical thinking and monsters under the bed

24th September 2015 | News analysis |

Counterblasts against Public Health England’s nearly unequivocal support for e-cigarettes were only to be expected, and their trajectory has been laid out by two of Britain’s most eminent general medical journals, The Lancet and The BMJ. But their arguments are neither nuanced nor practical, and are muddled by dislike of the tobacco industry.

E-cigs and dental health: a field wide open for study

22nd September 2015 | News analysis |

There has been little study or comment on e-cigs so far from professional bodies in dental health, or from dental researchers.
But that may now be changing, with increased interest from some corners of the dental profession in e-cigs’ role as potential reducers of harm to oral health.

The UK’s new PAS: how much will compliance cost?

16th July 2015 | News analysis |

British e-cigarette companies can expect an array of new scientific and quality-control costs after the official launch today of the publicly available specification (PAS) for e-cig manufacture and testing from the British Standards Institution (BSI).