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In depth: e-cigs in the UK – market and regulatory analysis

26th October 2014 | Country market reports , Country regulatory reports , Market reports , Regulatory reports |

A comprehensive survey of the UK e-cigarette market and regulation, including: Market size: estimates and methodology; model assumptions; industry estimates • Consumption patterns: number of e-cigarette users in the UK; comparisons with usage data from outside UK; overview of usage data: “ever” users; tank usage; cigalike usage • Pricing and spend: online pricing; e-liquids; cigalikes; tank systems • Sales, distribution and marketing: online; offline; marketing; medical licensing for e-cigs • Brand ownership and M&A: different blends of acquisition and development; cigalikes • Raw materials and manufacturing • Current regulatory landscape • Advertising: regulatory control; advertising restrictions; the new CAP and BCAP rules; existing advertising restrictions; enforcement of advertising rules • TPD transposition: pre-transposition challenges to the TPD; transposition timeline; significant new rules for e-cigarettes: ECITA and the BSI e-cigarette standards; possible impacts of Totally Wicked’s challenge on article 20 and e-cigarette regulation; overview of ECITA proposal • Medical licensing: marketing authorisation costs for medically licensed e-cigarette product in the UK; manufacturer/import authorisation; pharmacovigilance; wholesale • Existing legislation governing manufacture, import and sale of e-cigarettes in the UK • TPD implementation: the process of implementing EU directives in the UK; the transposition process.

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In depth: Polish e-cigarette market data and analysis

18th August 2014 | Country market reports , Market reports |

An in depth report looking at the estimated market size, composition and characteristics of the Polish e-cigarette market. Poland represents one of the most important European markets for the product and continues to grow.

Contents: Market size: €100m-150m in 2014 • Product: dual use common, cigalikes growing • Low pricing • Distribution channels