Dual users experience significantly lower CO levels

29th November 2015 | News analysis |

It sounds like common sense: if people smoke fewer conventional cigarettes because they are using e-cigs as well, you would expect them to be exposed to fewer harmful substances. And that’s what a study has found after examining the effects on a group of smokers who were trying to quit by using e-cigs, although other research suggests that it may » Continue Reading.

Developing nations advised to adopt pharma model

21st August 2015 | News analysis |

Governments of poorer countries need to regulate e-cigarettes just as much as their wealthier counterparts, and ought to opt for a pharmaceutical model – but they may find it difficult, according to a new paper by two U.S. academics.

At last, a domestic e-cig market for China’s manufacturers

6th May 2015 | News analysis |

The domestic Chinese market for e-cigarettes appears to finally be opening up, with a major manufacturer having started distribution of nicotine-containing cigalikes through convenience stores at the beginning of this year, and a number of others having plans to distribute their own products in 2015.