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Swedish Chemicals Agency swings in line with TPD

25th January 2019 | News analysis |

The Swedish Chemicals Agency has changed its interpretation regarding e-liquids with nicotine concentration over 17 mg/ml.

As ECigIntelligence reported a few months ago, authorities required both producers and consumers to obtain a permit for the sale and use of e-liquid containing over 17 mg of nicotine per ml, which was a de facto ban.

Austria beefs up regulatory stance with Non-Smoking Act

21st January 2019 | News analysis |

Austria has recently tightened up its regulatory stance with the Non Smoking Act (Nichtraucherschutzgesetz) restricting the purchasing age for e-cigs and similar tobacco products to 18 years old, from 1st January 2019. Previously, the minimum age for buying tobacco-related products was 16 years old.
The new age limit was voted into law in the federal parliament in April 2018, and now needs to be implemented by each state or land.

Experts, smokers and vapers to clarify UK research priorities

18th January 2019 | News analysis |

British smokers and vapers, as well as medical experts, are being asked to help define priorities for scientific research on e-cigarettes.
The E-cigarettes Priority Setting Partnership project is beginning its open consultation with an online survey consisting of just one query: “What question(s) about electronic cigarettes would you like to see answered by research?”

BAT announces two new e-cig models with new blade technology

28th December 2018 | News analysis |

British American Tobacco (BAT) has announced the launch of two new models of electronic cigarette that will be added to the company’s vaping portfolio.
The devices, called iSwitch and iSwitch Maxx, are the first to use efficient puretech blade technology, rather than the traditional coil and wick heating system.

Juul advances UK presence in deal with major supermarket chain

30th November 2018 | News analysis |

Controversial US vaping firm Juul Labs has secured a deal to sell its vaping product in one of the UK’s largest supermarket chains.

The most publicised player in the US e-cigarette market started selling its vaping product in its UK stores in early November but now Juul will also be available in Sainsbury’s stores.