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An unwanted faceful of secondhand vapour meant a dash to hospital

19th January 2020 | Blogs |

While feelings run high on both sides of the great debate over e-cigarette flavours, has one vital – potentially even life-threatening – factor been largely overlooked? My sister was recently rushed to hospital after being “vaped over” (her words) in a public car park. She says: “People would not dream of blowing cigarette smoke over you the way they do » Continue Reading.

Are e-cigs really more dangerous to kids than guns or combustibles?

16th January 2020 | Blogs |

A story published by The Bureau of Investigative Journalism (“in partnership with The Daily Mail”, so investigative credentials already perhaps a little tarnished) purports to expose a “loophole” in UK advertising rules that “lets Juul advertise to children at the cinema”. It reports that “adverts promoting Juul’s vaping device ran before screenings of Angel Has Fallen, an action film starring Gerard » Continue Reading.