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Italy: vape store geographical breakdown and analysis

15th September 2017 | Market reports |

Our research on Italian e-cig retailers has revealed that the region around Rome is Italy’s most developed vape store market, with more than four times as many vape stores per inhabitant than the lowest-density areas. There may be scope for growth in Milan and Naples, given these cities have around half the vape store density of Rome.

The vape store market is dominated by the leading vape store chains in the northeastern region. Elsewhere, stores are predominantly independently owned/branded. There is very little crossover between the online and vape store distribution channels.

Italy: top five online retailers keep a stable leadership position

26th July 2017 | Market reports |

In our latest look at the Italian market, we find that online remains an important channel in2017, with a significant increase in traffic over 2016 reflecting increased e-cig usage during this period. The top 10 performers have stable ranking, while the rest sees fluctuation of ranking based on historical data. Italy’s leading online retailers have increased their traffic compared to the French marke,t but still have a less traffic than the UK market.

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Italy: U.S. competition to home-grown brands

13th March 2017 | Market reports |

We take a detailed look at Italy’s well developed e-liquid market and find a good number of companies either producing e-liquids or offering their own e-liquid brands, but facing competition in their home market from U.S. brands.

Italy: online sales lead the way

21st February 2017 | Market reports |

In our latest report on the Italian market, we see that online remained the largest e-cig sales channel in 2016, with a significant increase in traffic early last year reflecting an increased e-cig usage during this period. However, Italy’s leading online retailers have significantly less traffic than in comparable e-cig markets such as the UK and France – and like other e-cig markets, leading online retailers drive the majority of traffic in the sector.