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All of our Japanese-related business news briefings can be found on this page. Whether it is recent vaping stories and updates relating to specific companies and organisations, brands and market-related news or new technology and innovation within Japan, you will be able to easily locate it here.

As cigarette sales fall, PMI and JT plan further HnB investment

16th February 2018 | Business briefing |

As tobacco giants Philip Morris International (PMI) and Japan Tobacco (JT) have been hit by falling tobacco sales, revenues from their e-cigarette and heat-not-burn (HnB) portfolios have increased. As they plan further investments to increase their market presence, 2018 should prove to be an interesting year for HnB products.

Big Tobacco encouraged by research on heat-not-burn

7th December 2015 | Business briefing |

Are big tobacco companies starting to favour heat-not-burn technology over e-cigarettes? While none has shown any signs of overtly stepping away from e-cigs, and such a move is unlikely, much enthusiasm and investment within the tobacco industry seems to be going toward heat-not-burn.