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Our complete analysis of the UK vaping market is presented in our market reports section. This page provides in-depth intelligence on e-cigarette products and flavours, brands and consumer analysis. In addition, summarised country pieces are offered in our market snapshots for you to gain an overview of the market landscape of the country. Deep dive into specific reports tackling topics such as retail, distribution, notified TPD products, etc.

UK e-liquid market dominated by American brands

12th April 2017 | Market reports |

Our in-depth analysis of the UK e-liquid market shows that the top UK online retailers sell a variety of e-liquid brands, but they come predominantly from US manufacturers. The TPD has affected pricing, but premium as a description of an e-liquid does not imply higher prices.

UK distribution: vape shops doing well, supermarkets still dominate

5th November 2016 | Market reports |

In the latest ECigIntelligence report into the UK market, we see that the growth in shop numbers over the past year has been highest in London (97%) and Scotland (105%). The top retailers offer a bigger range of e-cigarette than in other European countries and most of the top-selling e-cig brands sold in supermarkets or convenience stores are owned by tobacco giants.

Vape store photo gallery: UK

22nd July 2016 | Market reports |

Our world store of vape stores ends back in the UK. See how e-cig retailers do point of sale, advertising and promotions in store – and on double-decker buses.

Major changes to Europe’s e-cig sales channels imminent

13th May 2016 | Market reports |

From May 2016, e-cig sales channels will be reduced in some European countries when the Tobacco Products Directive comes into force. This report looks at the details, including restrictions on distance sales, the imposition of age verification checks, licensing and registration of retailers, and limitations on retail outlets.

UK online e-liquid product diversity overview and data analysis

22nd December 2015 | Market reports |

There may be more recent ECigIntelligence reports on this territory. Please visit the home page for the United Kingdom or the advanced search page.   ECigIntelligence’s Dan Irwin-Brown and Nikita Dzhain have compiled a fascinating report detailing the breadth of product available at UK online e-cigarette vendors, using a sample of over 1400 E-liquid products and more than 140 […]

UK online e-liquid analysis

1st December 2015 | Market reports |

The report provides a comprehensive overview for the e-liquid products that are available in the top ten online vendors in the UK using a sample of over 1400 e-liquid products and more than 140 brands. Insight is given into factors such as the number of products available the top five multi-brand online vendors, how many products belong to specific flavour categories and countries of origin of these products. In addition, analysis is also made on the brand level showing how many products do e-liquid brands have and examples of how brands have different product ranges to appeal to different consumers.

E-cig brands sold in the UK’s mainstream retailers

30th October 2015 | Market reports |

There may be more recent ECigIntelligence reports on this territory. Please visit the home page for the United Kingdom or the advanced search page.     Executive summary   Of the seven big offline brands studied, Blu, E-Lites, and 10 Motives have a large percentage of the total distribution points. The five most saturated regions in the UK […]

The UK e-cigarette market, October 2015

29th October 2015 | Market reports |

The UK market in 2015 is estimated to be worth around £445million (€619m/$682m), with projected growth of 15% over the next two years. There has been a significant shift to tank, with usage of tanks now at 68% of the vaping population.

Report: UK vape store geographical breakdown and analysis

29th October 2015 | Market reports |

  There may be more recent ECigIntelligence reports on this territory. Please visit the home page for the United Kingdom or the advanced search page.   Executive summary   The Northwest region scored the highest on all three metrics: absolute number of vape shops, vape shops per capita and vape shops per square kilometre. The West Midlands also scored […]

In depth: how common are e-cig fires, and why do they start?

6th May 2015 | Market reports |

As the use of e-cigarettes has spread, so has the number of fires started by them. But while this has raised some concerns and generated some headlines, these incidents form a small proportion of fires overall, and the risk comes mostly from poor-quality and counterfeit batteries – hazards that could be eliminated with improved regulation and consumer education.

pots price - Ben Beiske

In Depth: UK e-cigarette online pricing

3rd October 2014 | Market reports |

Contents: Ranking leaders • Cigalike disposables pricing • Cigalike rechargeables pricing • Cigalikes starter kits • Tank systems e-liquid pricing • Tank systems starter kit pricing • Tank systems clearomiser pricing

In depth: how e-cig associations set standards, influence policy

3rd September 2014 | Market reports |

France: influence on regulation and case law • France: influence on standards adoption • French and European associations’ influence on the TPD • UK: ECITA and the BSI e-cigarette standards • UK: developing manufacturing standards • French and British approaches compared • U.S.: industry self-regulation • U.S.: association regulatory and lobbying efforts