Regulatory reports / United Kingdom

All of our full-length regulatory reports that cover the UK can be found on this page. These reports provide a detailed and comprehensive overview of the country’s regulations and restrictions in relation to e-cigs. In addition to a general outline of the regulatory landscape for the country, more specific regulations such as product restrictions or e-cigarette taxation are also covered.

In depth: more safety worries over e-liquid flavourings

27th April 2015 | Regulatory reports |

E-cigarette flavours are causing concern again, but this time not over their purported appeal to youth. The latest study to stoke up worries about harmful substances in e-cigs is “Flavour chemicals in electronic cigarette fluids”, another from a group at Portland State University in the U.S.

In depth: e-cigs in the UK – market and regulatory analysis

26th October 2014 | Regulatory reports |

A comprehensive survey of the UK e-cigarette market and regulation, including: Market size: estimates and methodology; model assumptions; industry estimates • Consumption patterns: number of e-cigarette users in the UK; comparisons with usage data from outside UK; overview of usage data: “ever” users; tank usage; cigalike usage • Pricing and spend: online pricing; e-liquids; cigalikes; tank systems • Sales, distribution and marketing: online; offline; marketing; medical licensing for e-cigs • Brand ownership and M&A: different blends of acquisition and development; cigalikes • Raw materials and manufacturing • Current regulatory landscape • Advertising: regulatory control; advertising restrictions; the new CAP and BCAP rules; existing advertising restrictions; enforcement of advertising rules • TPD transposition: pre-transposition challenges to the TPD; transposition timeline; significant new rules for e-cigarettes: ECITA and the BSI e-cigarette standards; possible impacts of Totally Wicked’s challenge on article 20 and e-cigarette regulation; overview of ECITA proposal • Medical licensing: marketing authorisation costs for medically licensed e-cigarette product in the UK; manufacturer/import authorisation; pharmacovigilance; wholesale • Existing legislation governing manufacture, import and sale of e-cigarettes in the UK • TPD implementation: the process of implementing EU directives in the UK; the transposition process.

Updated: the WHO’s influence on global e-cig regulation

11th September 2014 | Regulatory reports |

What the FCTC is • A global treaty • Broad scope of regulation • The regulatory framework • The FCTC in practice • No enforcement powers • Enforcement by signatories • Self-reporting • Shadow reporting • Influence on European legislation • Promoting tobacco regulation in the developing world • What does the FCTC mean for e-cigarettes • Current status of e-cigs • Political will to regulate • Structural barriers • Non-binding, but influential • Exclusion of e-cig firms • Regulatory options in detail