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Smoking, vaping, free will, demonic possession and tax

2nd September 2016 | News analysis |

Nearly all smokers would be better off moving to lower-risk alternatives than giving up nicotine completely; taxing e-cigs has no rational justification; society should be prepared for more non-smokers to take up vaping; and tobacco control is often built on a “demonic possession theory”. These are among the conclusions of a provocative new paper published by the Institute of Economic Affairs and written by Carl V. Phillips.

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Pax Labs appoints Deezer executive as CEO

1st September 2016 | News analysis |

Pax Labs has appointed a new chief executive officer (CEO) imported from the online music sector and is considering further international expansion as a way to maintain its ability to innovate in the e-cig sector. Tyler Goldman will take over from James Monsees as CEO of the company, which makes Juul e-cigarettes and the Pax line of vaporisers. Monsees, a » Continue Reading.

Making a myth: teens, e-cigs, science and the media

25th July 2016 | News analysis |

A new U.S. study claiming to show a link between youth e-cigarette use and tobacco smoking has not only been criticised by many scientists working in the field, but also demonstrates how misconceptions and misinformation on the topic of vaping spread through the media.