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Making a myth: teens, e-cigs, science and the media

25th July 2016 | News analysis |

A new U.S. study claiming to show a link between youth e-cigarette use and tobacco smoking has not only been criticised by many scientists working in the field, but also demonstrates how misconceptions and misinformation on the topic of vaping spread through the media.

West Virginia politician is latest to contest deeming rule in court

19th June 2016 | News analysis |

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is facing another legal challenge to its new deeming regulation on e-cigarettes. Filed in the Southern District of West Virginia on 10th June, the action was taken by Larry W. Faircloth, a Republican member of West Virginia’s House of Delegates who is described as a user of e-cigarette devices and liquid nicotine.

Opinion: how big is the risk of diacetyl litigation?

26th May 2016 | News analysis |

Plaintiffs’ attorneys in the U.S. are always on the hunt for a new target to sue. And, having had some success suing diacetyl manufacturers over workers’ exposure to the chemical in microwave popcorn plants, attorneys are now beginning to target coffee roasters and the e-cigarette industry as well.

Cessation evidence unclear, but second-gen devices may help

24th May 2016 | News analysis |

A new systematic review of e-cigarettes and smoking cessation is claimed to be the most comprehensive so far as it covers not only published, peer-reviewed studies – including observational research as well as RCTs – but also so-called “grey literature”, material published outside of peer review.