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Article 20 of the EU TPD: what e-cig companies must do

19th February 2016 | News analysis |

The European Union’s looming Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) includes an obligation for companies to notify authorities with detailed information on e-cig products – for example emissions, toxicology, and product components. ECigIntelligence outlined some of this in a recent report but here we explain further what you really need to know about the TPD’s Article 20. To facilitate data comparison and » Continue Reading.

Denmark scales down plans for public vaping restrictions

22nd January 2016 | News analysis |

Denmark’s government has had second thoughts about imposing a strict, tobacco-style regime on vaping in public places. A new draft of wide-ranging legislation which will make e-cigarettes available as consumer products, transpose the European Union’s Tobacco Products Directive (TPD), and set a minimum purchase age of 18 as well as regulating public usage of e-cigs was put before the Danish » Continue Reading.