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Denmark scales down plans for public vaping restrictions

22nd January 2016 | News analysis |

Denmark’s government has had second thoughts about imposing a strict, tobacco-style regime on vaping in public places. A new draft of wide-ranging legislation which will make e-cigarettes available as consumer products, transpose the European Union’s Tobacco Products Directive (TPD), and set a minimum purchase age of 18 as well as regulating public usage of e-cigs was put before the Danish » Continue Reading.

Big Tobacco encouraged by research on heat-not-burn

7th December 2015 | News analysis |

Are big tobacco companies starting to favour heat-not-burn technology over e-cigarettes? While none has shown any signs of overtly stepping away from e-cigs, and such a move is unlikely, much enthusiasm and investment within the tobacco industry seems to be going toward heat-not-burn.

Opinion: the fortunes of the e-cigarette industry in 2016

2nd December 2015 | News analysis |

The e-cigarette world in 2016 will be overshadowed by regulation. But the story will not just be about compliance. The market and the products themselves are rapidly evolving even without the influence of law-makers. So requirements like the TPD and the deeming regulations merely add a further twist to an already complex outlook.