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E-cig science: do meta-analyses really matter?

5th April 2016 | News analysis |

In the past year or so, scientists have conducted several systematic reviews that aim to analyse research evidence in order to find whether e-cigs help people quit smoking. The issue addressed by studies like these (which can also be known as meta-analyses) is, of course, one of the primary public-health and policy questions about the devices. But how much value should we place on their findings?

U.S. transportation secretary finally bans e-cigs on planes

3rd March 2016 | News analysis |

U.S. transportation secretary Anthony Foxx announced a final rule Wednesday to ban the use of e-cigarettes on all commercial flights in the U.S., aiming to avoid confusion over the legal position. “This final rule is important because it protects airline passengers from unwanted exposure to electronic cigarette aerosol that occurs when electronic cigarettes are used on board airplanes,”  Foxx said. “The department » Continue Reading.

Innovation and intellectual property rights for the e-cig industry

1st March 2016 | News analysis |

    Executive summary   The growth of e-cigarette popularity has been accompanied by a growing number of patent applications and disputes. The World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) registered more than 1000 patents with the word “electronic cigarette” in the title. Patents aren’t efficient on their own – they should be combined with other IP tools that work together to » Continue Reading.